Wall Decor Rose Spray

Adding a great deal of charisma to wall decor is easy with pieces as beautifully created as this set of two sprigs made of metal and finished with superior craftsmanship - it is one of those offerings from Lavida that displays their acute sense of quality and a great understanding of interiors and designs. The two branches with tiny roses are created from metal and have petals and leaf formation correctly replicated. The height rises to as much as 84 cm and it pans across 30 cm in its width thus making it most suitable for such walls that lie in between decorated spaces. A statement piece that can easily blend in with all kinds of decor, its dull antique finish, the manner in which the leaves have been worked on and the tiny whorls of petals are classic metal. If placed in any room it will most certainly draw a lot of compliments. Mounting this on the wall would be quite easy as the slots have been built into the design.

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 30cm x 84cm x 3cm

Item Number: U1740-2