Votivo Aromatic Candle

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Smoke on the Water Aromatic Jar Votivo Candle

The smell of sweet caramel musk absorbed in patchwork flannel and the residue ofsmoked cedar, evergreen and hickory oak chips enshrouded with the cold, wet mist of moss and fallen summer leaves- the ensuing dawn on the lake after a night of discussion around the hearth.

Soothe away your cares with an Aromatic Votivo Candle, where every fragrance is inspired by essences of nature. Each candle is hand-wrapped and each seal is hand-pressed making each product special.

Size: 6.8 oz | Burn Time: 50 Hours

Never leave a candle un-attended.

Always burn until surface is liquefied. Burning candles for shorter periods will cause tunneling, where on the second burn the candle will only burn down in the middle.