Trust Your Heart Out Manifesto Book Kelly Rae


May you… Embrace the imperfections, the wild chaos, the holy mess
of your beautiful life. May you… Have courageous, bold faith in your
dreams as they call you toward a life of immeasurable joy and
possibility. May you… Trust that everything, even the struggles, helps
us to emerge softer, wiser, more beauty-full. May you… Discover small
everyday signs of love that have been given to you, to light the way.
May you… Trust your heart, your intuition, the small but wise voice
that knows the way toward truth and beauty. May you… Embrace your
vulnerabilities and trust that they will deepen + strengthen your
connection to those you love. And finally, may you… Trust & know
how deeply you are loved, held, known, and seen through all seasons
of your life. Your heart is never alone.