Soul Journal - C17

Soul Journal

The Soul Journal is one of our most special and personal pieces over all our collections. Adèle was inspired to make this journal after a great time she spent searching for answers into life's big questions, from teachers, poets and old world sages, to finding truth and power within her own inner self.

Our Soul Journal is a guided one, divided into three tabbed sections. The first pages of Uncovering Me will guide you to reveal a snapshot of where you are right now in your life, and where you most want to be. Then, the Daily Journal section is where you will record your experiences, inner thoughts and emotions. Finally, your real transformation will take place when using the third Monthly Insights section.

'What you think, you create; What you feel, you attract; What you imagine, you become' - Adèle Basheer

  • Measurements: 164 x 216mm