Gypsy Wanderer Journal

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Gypsy Wanderer Cafe Journal

Be inspired as you decorate the pages of your Gypsy Wanderer Cafe Journal with your deepest thoughts, grandest wishes, illustrations and words of wisdom. Whether it holds your favourite quotes, daily to-dos, travel + adventure tales, or your dreams + goals, we love that from the moment you first put pen to paper, you've made your Cafe Journal your own.

Cafe Journal you say, That's right, we've designed this treasure to fit snuggly in your handbag, ready to pull out whenever the mood strikes (for us, that often means sipping on a hot cuppa in a favourite cafe corner).

"Shine Your light.
Follow the path of the brave.
A new door is waiting to open.
A new journey is ready to begin"
Adèle Basheer

  • Measurements: 15.5 x 21.5 cm

Brand: Intrinisic