Daily Inspurrations: To Help You Always Land on Your Feet Hardcover

Blue Mountain Arts Book - Daily Inspurrations

Cats radiate contentment. Whether they are relaxing in the sun or curled up next to their favourite people, you can feel their calm and quiet affection just by being in their presence. It's no wonder that cats are such popular pets... not only are they faithful companions, but their sweet dispositions provide the ideal inspiration for how to live life well. Author Romana Gould created this book, featuring some of her own cuddly kitties, to help you bring a more cat-like purrspective to every day. Think of how loved you feel when your cat settles into your lap or rubs against you and the joy that fills you when you hear your cat meow. Romana's gentle words and charming photographs encourage us to appreciate the love and joy in our lives and to share it with others through acceptance, caring, and forgiveness.

About the Author
Romana Gould is a teacher, author, and photographer. Her favourite hobby is to spread joy through photography. Her greatest hope is to make others feel better through her photography and her words. She lives a happy, peaceful life with her pets and her loving husband.

Hardcover: 44 pages

Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts