CONNECT - Earthing Light Box

Decorate your sanctuary with lush tropical greens and grounding woods, and let the warm gentle glow from this light up wall art by the creative mind of Lisa Pollock soothe away your tension and stress. Intricately carved, this lightbox piece reads
"In our crazy busy worlds, unplug.
Surround yourself in the calmness of nature.
You will feel more connected than ever."
  • Light up your world with these stunning Lisa Pollock wall light boxes.
  • Crafted in Plywood and featuring original artwork by Lisa Pollock.
  • Lightboxes are such a simple way to style a room and make a fabulous gift idea.
  • The laser cut outs allow light to shine through and complement the artwork.
  • Battery operated with a user friendly ON/OFF switch at the side.
  • Measurement 33 x 57 cm