Coin Purse Santorini Blue Adele Basheer

Santorini Blue Coin Purse

You're on-the-go, have a calendar happily packed with activities, and create your own style. You are the fabulous woman of today, whose everyday essentials should never be too far away.

We've created our luxe Coin Purse in Santorini Blue to keep you inspired throughout each daily journey, holding credit cards, phone, cosmetics, cash and also containing a handy keyring.

Designed in Australia, the Purse is embossed with ethereal patterning and the eloquent words of Adele Basheer, and is encased within a colour-matching box, shimmering with gold foil features.

'Life is one daring adventure, live it bold, make it wonderful' - Adèle Basheer

  • Purse Measurements: 15 x 10 cm

  • Gift Box: 16.5 x 11 cm

Brand: Intrinisic