Blue Mountains book- 10 Simple things to remember

10 Simple Things to Remember: An Inspiring Guide to Understanding Life

Marci began her career by hand-painting floral designs on clothing. No one was more surprised than she was when one day, in a single burst of inspiration and a completely new and different art style, her delightful characters sprang from her pen! ""Their wild and crazy hair is a sign of strength,"" she thought, ""and their crooked little smiles are endearing."" She quickly identified the charming characters as Mother, Daughter, Sister, Father, Son, Friend, and so on, until all the people and places in life were filled. Then, with her own loved ones in mind, she wrote a true and special sentiment to each one. This would be the beginning of a wonderful success story, which today still finds Marci writing each and every one of her verses in this same personal way. She has a successful line of greeting cards and gift items, including calendars, bookmarks, prints, books, and more. She is thrilled to see how her delightful characters and universal messages of love have touched the hearts and lives of people everywhere.

About the Author
Sometimes simple really is the best way to go, and this book is a perfect example of that. A passionate observer of life, as well as a talented artist, Marci has condensed everything she knows about how to live a productive and rewarding life into a list of ten simple things that when you remember them will inspire greater happiness and understanding in your own life. Her words strike at the core of what is right and beautiful in the world, providing positive guidance that can be applied to almost any situation whether its a difficult time or a joyous one. Adding to the overall charm of this book are Marci's delightful Children of the Inner Light characters who represent the people and values that are so important: family, faith, hope, and love. In this journey called life, there is so much going on and there are so many circumstances that we have no control over. Marci's 10 Simple Things to Remember will help you to put everything into perspective and find the path that is right for you.

Paperback: 96 pages

Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts