Aroma From Nature 2 Wick Jar Candle - Midnight In Madrid

The aroma from Nature Range Double Wick 20oz candles has a burn time of approximately 90 hours. This high strength fragrance is MIDNIGHT IN MADRID

  • 🕯️ GREAT SMELLING PREMIUM CANDLES: Pure winter memories, that take you to a day dream of emotion and excitement. It highlights a frosted orange blended with the uplifting aroma of fresh evergreen notes. We use highest quality raw materials & production standards available on the market.
  • 🕯️ THERAPEUTIC SCENTS: Contains a large amount of pure fragrances that work to fill the air with natural goodness and natural scents. It comes in a sophisticated apothecary glass for an aesthetically pleasing look. Releasing a luxurious, inviting and comforting aroma that will uplift anyone's mood.
  • 🕯️ HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Releases the best fragrance from pure plant fragrance oils that are completely free from toxins. Made from a complex blend of natural vegetable wax and the purest ingredients, it will soothe and relax whilst indulging the senses.
  • 🕯️ LONG-LASTING BURN: If you're looking for a long-lasting candle that will fill an entire home—or just a studio apartment—with a luxurious and relaxing scent, look no further. Our Scented Candles burn up to 90 hours - longer than most other candles. This will surely make your whole home smell fresh and inviting.
  • 🕯️ PERFECT GIFT IDEA: These candles make a great gift for your family and friends for any special occasion. Whether you're giving a gift to someone else or just treating yourself, these scented candles will never disappoint! It's definitely a must-have for any home.