Angel of Hope - Willow Tree Figurine

"Each Day Hope Anew"

“I love the idea of lighting a candle for someone, or for a wish, or a thought … keeping it alive, carrying it forward. So this angel is sheltering and protecting a small candle with a little gold - leafed flame. It’s important that the flame is small - sometimes it’s just a little flicker or a fleeting sign that can give you hope. Sometimes for me, focusing on seemingly insignificant things - events or happenings that I might ordinarily take for granted - it’s those things, those little miracles, which can give hope. I wanted Angel of Hope to be a positive piece. Kind of like the little spark that keeps us going." - Susan Lordi

  • 14cm H hand-painted resin figure with wire wings. Applied gold leaf

  • Female angel carrying small candle with gold flame

  • Material: Metal, Resin

  • Dimensions: 14cm H

  • Product Care: Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

A gift for friends, graduates, celebrating life milestones, special accomplishments, encouragement, support and acknowledging individual strength. Can be added to Nativity display.

Willow Tree angels resonate with many cultures and ages of people. To some they represent protection, to some they are an outward reminder of inner peace, and to some they represent a way to remember those who have left this earth.