Sometimes finding the right gift for someone who’s grieving can be a challenge, as grieving is different for each person. Many choose to celebrate the life of their loved one, focusing on good memories and sharing with others. In these difficult times, it’s best to spread messages of hope, comfort, and sympathy.

When a close friend loses a loved one or a beloved pet, it’s natural for you to grieve along with them. You want to express your sympathy and be supportive with your words and your sympathy gifts. In the process, here are some ideas for thoughtful sympathy gifts for a friend or family member in grieving — show that you are there for them through the happy and sorrowful times.

With Sympathy By Willow Tree®

May your memories bring you peace.

This iconic figure of peace and serenity is a tangible reminder of healing, comfort, hopefulness and remembrance in times of sorrow. “Her gesture is one of openness and reflection; the white dove embodies inner beauty and peace.” –Artist Susan Lordi

With sympathy   A gift to express sympathy, comfort, remembrance and healing.

Giving Shawl

Our sophisticated, cozy collection of endearing shawls is designed to gift whenever someone needs a hug. Gift to a friend or loved one to let them know you’re thinking about them and you care. Each shawl is crafted from sumptuously soft fabric designed for soothing comfort and presented in a beautiful gift box. An inside pocket is designed to hold a tissue, eyeglasses or cell phone. This incredibly comfortable cream Giving Shawl includes a message of encouragement printed on a keepsake bookmark in the inside pocket.

Cream Giving Shawl

Giving Heart

The most caring gift you can give is your heart and a hug. The Giving Heart pillow is the perfect way to give from your heart, and let someone know you care. The weight of the pillow even replicates the feeling of a real hug! The Taupe Giving Heart pillow features incredibly soft knitted yarn and stress-relieving weight for the most comforting hug! You don’t share your heart with just anyone…It’s a precious gift that says: I’m thinking of you, I’m sorry you are hurting, I’m proud of you, or I’m right here cheering you on! Even when you’re not together.

Cream Giving Heart

Remembrance Candles

When you have lost someone who is dear to you, you sometimes want a special way to remember them and include their memory in your everyday life at home.
This memory candle will last as long as you need:- the shell is wax but the "flame" is a unique LED-lit faux flame, which lights up and wavers just like the real thing. Available in both male and female options, light the candle like they lit up your world.

"Though his/her smile is gone forever
and his/her hand I cannot touch,
I still have so many memories
Of the one I loved so much.
His/her memory is my keepsake
With which I'll never part,
God has him/her in his keeping,
I have him/her in my heart.

Sadly missed but never forgotten."